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Fueltopia Barrel Sprint

Hi all

Just thought id let everyone know about sundays (19th) antics !

Myself and my team mate joey took part in the 5th round of the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint at Santa Pod

There were 24 entrants with the top 16 going through to the knockout stages

I was driving my 200sx s14a(green wheels) and joey driving his (yellow wheels)

All morning was practise and with temperatures running into the high 30s we were fast running out of tires i had managed to get the 4th fastest time and Joey was 12th not bad on part worn 16s !!

After dinner it was qualifying so with 20 minutes remaining we choose to swap onto our 18s to try and get some better traction it worked and after 3 runs and the time up i had qualified 8th and Joey 6th .. there is a twist in all this though! Stephen "Baggsy" Biagioni (Team Japspeed and super pro BDC driver ) was sharing my car and he managed to qualify 7th but in the top 16 draw were up against each other in the same car !!

Baggsy opted for Joeys car in our battle and we pulled upto the line, it was close but yeah you guessed it he beat me by one and a half seconds ...i put it down to him having a welded diff and not a lack of talent on my part .... so he was through !!

Joey stepped up and won his battle comfortably and was up against Baggsy in the next round !!

Baggsy back in my car and Joey in his they squared up and after the obligotory doughnuts, the flag dropped and they were off ....well Baggsy was but a car faliure meant Joey limped off and Baggsy show boated his way into the semis !! ( sorry about the quality )

So the semis came and baggsy narrowly lost so was into the 3rd place battle which he lost (:P) .....but WAIT ....the other guy hit a barrel so incurred a penalty of 2seconds which meant he got a 3rd place and a spot on the podium !!!!

He then went on to sign the trophy and donate it to doris the drifter awwww

Over all it was a fantastic day and run extremely well !!! i would recommend it to anyone !!

Our next competition is Gymkhana Grid at trax up against the big boys ....wish us luck !!!

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