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SiliconeHose carbon fibre - Kawasaki

Not content with producing the finest silicone hoses, SFS Performance have been working hard on some new products for you. We are pleased to launch our new range of SFS Carbon Fibre Parts, hand crafted and beautifully finished. Made with pre-preg carbon sourced from Japan for the best quality, making them very strong and light. Finished with high gloss UV protection to prevent sun fade.

SFS Performance currenty offer the following carbon fibre products for Kawasaki's

Kawasaki Application Part No. Images
Z1000 07-09 Rear Seat Cover 60-KAW-53
ZX6 2005-2006 Rear Seat Cover 60-KAW-102
Z 1000 04-06 Frame Covers 60-KAW-54
ER6 Cockpit Cover 60-KAW-01
ER6 Side Panels 2pcs 60-KAW-02
ER6 Haltegriffe 2pcs 60-KAW-03
ER6 Mirror Covers 2pcs 60-KAW-04
ER-6 Chain Guard 60-KAW-05
ER-6F Side Panel Upper 60-KAW-06
ER6-N 09 Side Panel Lower 60-KAW-07
ER6-N 09 Heel Plates 60-KAW-08
ER6-N 09 Side Panels upper 2pcs 60-KAW-09
Z1000 03, Z750/ Z750S ZX6R 03-04 Z1000 03+ Front Fender 60-KAW-10
Z1000 03-06 Radiator Covers 60-KAW-11
Z1000 07 Chain Guard 60-KAW-13
Z1000 07 Heat Shield Lower 60-KAW-14
Z1000 07 Belly Pan 60-KAW-12
Z1000 2009 Front Fender 60-KAW-15
Z1000 2010 60-KAW-36
Z1000 2010 Tail Cover 60-KAW-33
Z1000 2010 Exhaust Guard 60-KAW-34
Z1000 2010 60-KAW-35
Z1000 2010 60-KAW-32
Z1000 2010 Heat Shields 60-KAW-37
Z1000 2010 Key Guard 60-KAW-38
Z1000 2010 Clock Back Plate 60-KAW-39
Z1000 2010 Heatshield right side 60-KAW-40
Z1000 2010 side Fairing 60-KAW-31
Z1000 2010 Side Panels 60-KAW-24
Z1000 2010 Injection Cover 60-KAW-41
Z1000 2010 Front Fairing 60-KAW-21
Z1000 2010 Front Fender Top 60-KAW-16
Z1000 2010 Front Fender Legs 60-KAW-17
Z1000 2010 Front Fender 60-KAW-18
Z1000 2010 Belly Pan Middle Part 60-KAW-26
Z1000 2010 Front Fairing middle parts 60-KAW-20
Z1000 2010 Side Faring 60-KAW-30
Z1000 2010 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-22
Z1000 2010 Tank Cover 60-KAW-23
Z1000 2010 Belly Pan 60-KAW-25
Z1000 2010 Chain Guard 60-KAW-27
Z1000 2010 Tail parts 60-KAW-28
Z1000 2010 Seat Unit Down 60-KAW-29
Z1000 2010 Front Fairing 60-KAW-19
Z750 /Z1000 (2007-2009) Number Plate Holder 60-KAW-42
Z750 /Z1000 (2007-2009) Sprocket Cover 60-KAW-43
Z750 07 Chain Guard 60-KAW-44
Z750 07/Z1000 07 Heel Plate 60-KAW-45
Z750/Z750S 05-06/Z1000 04-06 Side Panel Lower 60-KAW-46
Z750/Z750S 05-256/Z1000 04-06 Side panel Upper 60-KAW-47
ZX 12R Ram Air Caover 60-KAW-48
ZX 14 / ZZR1400 (2009) Chain Guard 60-KAW-50
ZX 14 / ZZR1400 (2009) Number Plate Holder 60-KAW-49
ZX 7R/RR 96+ Front Fender 60-KAW-51
ZX10 06-07 Heel Plates 60-KAW-52
ZX10 06-07 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-55
ZX10 07-08 Chain Cover 60-KAW-56
ZX10R 04-05 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-57
ZX10R 04-05 Chain Guard 60-KAW-59
ZX10R 04-05 Heel plates 60-KAW-58
ZX10R 04-06, ZX6R 05+ Front Fender 60-KAW-60
ZX-10R 06-07 Upper Side Fairings 60-KAW-67
ZX-10R 06-07 Fairing Kit 60-KAW-70
ZX-10R 06-07 Fairing Kit 60-KAW-69
ZX-10R 06-07 Belly Pan 60-KAW-68
ZX-10R 06-07 Front Fairing 60-KAW-65
ZX-10R 06-07 Tail Fairings 60-KAW-66
ZX10R 06-07 Ram Air Caover 60-KAW-64
ZX10R 06-07 Heat Shield 60-KAW-63
ZX10R 06-07 Heat Shield 60-KAW-62
ZX10R 06-07 Side Panel 60-KAW-61
ZX10R 08-09 Chain Guard 60-KAW-74
ZX10R 08-09 Front Fender 60-KAW-71
ZX10R 08-09 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-75
ZX10R 08-09 Heel Plates 60-KAW-73
ZX10R 08-09 Side Panel 60-KAW-72
Zx10R 2010 Seat Section 60-KAW-77
Zx10R 2010 rear seat 60-KAW-83
Zx10R 2010 Low panel 60-KAW-87
Zx10R 2010 Front nose Sonrkel 60-KAW-86
Zx10R 2010 60-KAW-85
Zx10R 2010 Plate holder 60-KAW-84
Zx10R 2010 Chain Guard 60-KAW-88
Zx10R 2010 Seat COver 60-KAW-82
Zx10R 2010 Tail Light Surround 60-KAW-81
Zx10R 2010 rear hugger 60-KAW-80
Zx10R 2010 rear undertail 60-KAW-79
Zx10R 2010 Lower Fairings 60-KAW-78
Zx10R 2010 Front fender 60-KAW-76
Zx10R 2010 Front fairing(for street) 60-KAW-91
Zx10R 2010 Heel Plate 60-KAW-90
Zx10R 2010 60-KAW-92
Zx10R 2010 60-KAW-93
Zx10R 2010 Tail Faring (for racing) 60-KAW-94
Zx10R 2010 under nose faring 60-KAW-95
Zx10R 2010 side panel 60-KAW-96
Zx10R 2010 Side tail Faring for racing 60-KAW-97
Zx10R 2010 Exhaust Cover 60-KAW-89
Zx10R 2010 (for racing) Front faring 60-KAW-98
Zx10R 2011 Upper Fairing Panels 60-KAW-100
Zx10R 2011 Upper Fairing Infills 60-KAW-111
Zx10R 2011 Rear Seat Panels 60-KAW-110
Zx10R 2011 Front Air Vent Cover 60-KAW-109
Zx10R 2011 Side Fairing Front lips 60-KAW-108
Zx10R 2011 Heat Shield 60-KAW-107
Zx10R 2011 Single Seat Unit 60-KAW-106
Zx10R 2011 Chain Guard 60-KAW-105
Zx10R 2011 Rear Seat Upper 60-KAW-104
Zx10R 2011 Side Panels 60-KAW-101
Zx10R 2011 Centre Upper Fairing Vent 60-KAW-99
Zx10R 2011 V panel 60-KAW-103
ZX12 Wind Deflector 60-KAW-113
ZX12 Belly Pan for racing 60-KAW-116
ZX12 Dash Panel 60-KAW-112
ZX12 Heel Guards 60-KAW-114
ZX12 Tank cover 60-KAW-115
ZX-12R 02-03 Front Fairing 60-KAW-117
ZX-12R 02-03 Side Fairings (including belly pan) 60-KAW-118
ZX-12R 02-03 Tail Fairings 60-KAW-119
ZX-12R 02-03 Fairing Kit 60-KAW-120
ZX-12R 02-03 Fairing Kit 60-KAW-121
ZX-12R 02-03 Fairing Kit 60-KAW-122
ZX12R 2003 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-123
ZX12R, 00-05 Front Fender 60-KAW-124
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-125
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Belly Pan 60-KAW-132
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Dash Panel 60-KAW-131
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Side Panel Lower 60-KAW-130
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Heel Plates 60-KAW-129
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Belly Pan 60-KAW-128
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Seat Unit Cover 60-KAW-126
ZX14/ ZZR1400 06-09 Side Panel Upper 60-KAW-127
ZX14/ZZR1400 2009 Chain Guard 60-KAW-133
ZX6 2009 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-134
ZX600J 2001 Tank Cover 60-KAW-135
ZX-6R 03-04 Undertray 60-KAW-139
ZX-6R 03-04 V Panel 60-KAW-138
ZX-6R 03-04 Side Fairings (including belly pan) 60-KAW-137
ZX-6R 03-04 Upper Fairing 60-KAW-136
ZX6R 03-04/Z750 03-06/Z1000 03-06 Chain Guard 60-KAW-140
ZX6R 05 Heat Shield Set 60-KAW-141
ZX-6R 05-06 Front Fairing 60-KAW-149
ZX-6R 05-06 Fairing Kit 60-KAW-155
ZX-6R 05-06 Side Panels 60-KAW-154
ZX-6R 05-06 Tail Cover 60-KAW-153
ZX-6R 05-06 Tail Fairings 60-KAW-152
ZX-6R 05-06 Upper Side Fairings 60-KAW-150
ZX-6R 05-06 Belly Pan 60-KAW-151
ZX6R 05-06 Chain Guard 60-KAW-148
ZX6R 05-06 Dash Panel L/H + R/H 60-KAW-147
ZX6R 05-06 Heat Shield Lower 60-KAW-146
ZX6R 05-06 Heat Shield Upper 60-KAW-145
ZX6R 05-06 Heel Plates L/H+R/H 60-KAW-144
ZX6R 05-06 Side Panel Lower L/H + R/H 60-KAW-143
ZX6R 05-06 Side Panel Upper L/H+R/H 60-KAW-142
ZX6-R 07-08 Front mudguard 60-KAW-158
ZX6-R 07-08 Air Duct Covers 60-KAW-163
ZX6-R 07-08 Seat Section 60-KAW-166
ZX6-R 07-08 V Panel 60-KAW-165
ZX6-R 07-08 Rear Under Seat Guards 60-KAW-164
ZX6-R 07-08 Seat Cowl 60-KAW-167
ZX6-R 07-08 Side Panels 60-KAW-161
ZX6-R 07-08 Front Fairing 60-KAW-159
ZX6-R 07-08 Side Panel Lower 60-KAW-157
ZX6-R 07-08 Heel Plates 60-KAW-156
ZX6-R 07-08 Under Tank Covers 60-KAW-160
ZX6-R 07-08 Belly Pan 60-KAW-162
ZX6R 2003 - 2004 Chain Guard 60-KAW-170
ZX6R 2003 - 2004 Front mudguard 60-KAW-171
ZX6R 2003 - 2004 Rear Hugger 60-KAW-169
ZX6R 2003 - 2004 Heel Plates L/H+R/H 60-KAW-168
ZX6R 2003 - 2004 Side Panel 60-KAW-172
ZX6R 636 09-11 Front Fender 60-KAW-173
ZX6R 636 09-11 Under Tank Covers 60-KAW-174
ZX6R 636 09-11 Seat Small Plate 60-KAW-175
ZX6R 636 09-11 Seat Section 60-KAW-176
ZX6R 636 09-11 Exhaust Shield 60-KAW-177
ZX6R 98-02/ ZX9R 00-03 Heel Plates L/H+R/H 60-KAW-178
ZX6R 99 ZX9R 98-01 Front Fender 60-KAW-179
ZZR1400 06-09 Front Fender 60-KAW-180
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