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SiliconeHose carbon fibre - Porsche

Not content with producing the finest silicone hoses, SFS Performance have been working hard on some new products for you. We are pleased to launch our new range of SFS Carbon Fibre Parts, hand crafted and beautifully finished. Made with pre-preg carbon sourced from Japan for the best quality, making them very strong and light. Finished with high gloss UV protection to prevent sun fade.

SFS Performance currenty offer the following carbon fibre products for Porsche's

Porsche Application Part No. Images
997 GT2 OEM-style Boot 60-POR-09
997 GT3 2006-2008 OEM-style Boot 60-POR-10
997 GTRS 2006-2008 Boot 60-POR-11
997 TA Rear Spoiler 60-POR-12
Cayenne OEM-style Bonnet 60-POR-14
Cayenne H-style Bonnet 60-POR-15
911 Clock surround Cover 60-POR-49
911 2004 Rear Spoiler 60-POR-16
944 Mirror cap 60-POR-24
996 Ignition Cover 60-POR-22
996 Baltery Cover Centre 60-POR-06
996 Rear Spoiler Blade Aero Pack 60-POR-05
996 Battery Covers Left and Right 60-POR-04
996 Boot Trim Centre 60-POR-03
996 Right Hand Boot Trim 60-POR-02
996 Brake Mast Cylinder Cover 60-POR-01
996 Light Cover 60-POR-23
997 OEM-style Boot 60-POR-08
997 Mirrors Covers 60-POR-21
997 Rear Spoiler 60-POR-13
997 OEM-style Bonnet 60-POR-07
997 Rear Valance 60-POR-20
997 GT3/RS Spoiler 60-POR-19
Boxster Armature lining 60-POR-28
Boxster Entrance borders 60-POR-25
Boxster Ashtray lining 60-POR-39
Boxster Scoops 60-POR-48
Boxster Radio Screen Lower 60-POR-47
Boxster Radio Screen Right 60-POR-46
Boxster Radio Screen Left 60-POR-45
Boxster Radio screen Cover 60-POR-44
Boxster Mirror Cover Right 60-POR-43
Boxster Mirror Cover Left 60-POR-42
Boxster Mirror triangle inside right 60-POR-26
Boxster Ventilation Duct unit Right 60-POR-40
Boxster Mirror triangle inside left 60-POR-27
Boxster Switch screen center console (Cover) 60-POR-38
Boxster Cover emergency brake 60-POR-37
Boxster Center console 60-POR-36
Boxster Overroll bar right Covers 60-POR-35
Boxster Overroll bar left Covers 60-POR-34
Boxster Inside Panel Door Centre Left 60-POR-33
Boxster Inside Panel Door Left 60-POR-32
Boxster Inside Panel Door small right 60-POR-31
Boxster Inside Panel Door Centre Right 60-POR-30
Boxster Inside Panel Door Right 60-POR-29
Boxster Ventilation Duct unit Left 60-POR-41
Cayenne Mirror Covers 60-POR-50
Cayenne Mirror Covers 60-POR-51
PANAMERA 2010 OEM-style CF Hood 60-POR-18
PANAMERA 2010 OEM-style Bonnet 60-POR-17
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