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Silicone Hose Car Kits - Ford

New high performance hose kits are constantly under development. Please contact us if you have a requirement that is not currently listed.

Colour options: Blue - Red - Purple - Yellow - Green - Black - Orange

SFS Performance currenty offer the following silicone hose kits for Ford's

Ford Application Part No. Clip Kits Images
Cobra 32v (5) Coolant CHS71
Escort Cosworth YBP94 05/94~ Small Turbo (3) Turbo THS35 25-THS35
Escort Cosworth YBP94 05/94~ Small Turbo (8) Ancillary CHS158
Escort Cosworth YBT92 ~05/94 Big turbo (11) Ancillary CHS157
Escort Cosworth YBT92 ~05/94 Big turbo (3) Turbo THS16 25-THS16
Escort Cosworth YBT92 ~05/94 with Dump Vlv Conn (3) Turbo THS15/D 25-THS15/D
Escort Cosworth YBT92/94 1992-96 (2) Coolant CHS17 25-CHS17
Escort MK1/2 BDA Heater hoses (2) - NEW! Heater HH16
Escort MK1/2 BDA Radiator hoses (2) - NEW! Coolant CHS304
Escort MK1/2 RS2000 MK2 Mexico 2.0/1.6 DCOE adapter hose (1) - NEW! Coolant CHS140.6
Escort MK2 RS2000 (3) - NEW! Heater HH13
Escort RS2000 Mark 1 auto choke single carb (5) Coolant CHS141
Escort RS2000 Mark 1 Twin DCOE (4) Coolant CHS141/B
Escort RS2000 Mark2 auto choke single carb (5) Coolant CHS140
Escort RS2000 Mark2 Twin DCOE (4) Coolant CHS140/B
Escort X/Flow MK1/2 (5) Coolant CHS130
Fiesta Mk7 1.6TI-VCT (1) Induction AH41 25-CHS41
Fiesta ST150 2.0ltr (4) Coolant CHS164 25-CHS164
Fiesta ST150 2.0ltr (7) Coolant CHS163 25-CHS163
Fiesta Zetec-S MK5 (1) Induction AH24
Fiesta Zetec-S MK5 (2) Heater HH13
Fiesta Zetec-S MK5 (7) Coolant CHS198/B 25-CHS-198/B
Focus 1.8 / 2.0 (1) Air AH10
Focus 1.8 / 2.0 (2) Coolant CHS77
Focus 1.8 / 2.0 (3) Heater HH03
Focus 1.8 / 2.0 (4) (4) Coolant CHS32
Focus RS MK 1 (2) Heater HH08 25-HH08
Focus RS MK1 (1) Induction AH37
Focus RS MK1 (1) Breather BH18
Focus RS MK1 (2) Turbo THS111 25-THS111
Focus RS MK1 With Dump Vlv Conn (2) Turbo THS111/D 25-THS111/D
Focus RS MK2 (5) Turbo THS252
Focus RS MK2 (5) Coolant CHS253
Focus RS MK2 Big top boost hose with no spouts (1) Turbo THS297
Focus RS MK2 Big top boost hose with res box spout & D/V spout (1) Turbo THS297.2
Focus RS MK2 Big top boost hose with res box spout (1) Turbo THS297.1
Focus RS MK2 Primary Air Box hose with Wire (1) Induction AH42.1
Focus RS MK2 Primary/secondary Airbox hoses + Turbo Inlet/ Wire (3) Induction AH42
Focus RS MK2 Secondary Air Box hose with Wire (1) Induction AH42.2
Focus RS MK2 Symposer Hose (1) Air AH43
Focus ST 2.5 Dump valve fitting hose/joiner reqd if using THS161 kit (1) Turbo THS188
Focus ST 2.5ltr Duratec (5) Coolant CHS160
Focus ST 2.5ltr Duratec (5) Turbo THS161 25-THS161
Focus ST 2.5ltr Duratec symposer hose (1) Air AH52
Focus ST 2.5ltr Duratec with built in DV connection (5) Turbo THS161/D 25-THS161/D
Focus ST170 2.0 (4) Coolant CHS161
Focus ST170 2.0 (5) Coolant CHS162
Focus ST2 2.0L ecoboost (3) Turbo THS294
Focus ST2 2.0L ecoboost with D/V spout (3) Turbo THS294/D
Mondeo ST200/ST24/MK V6's (5) Coolant CHS222
Mustang 5 ltr 1987-93 (5) Coolant CHS33
Puma 1400/1700 (1) Induction AH26
Puma 1400/1700 (7) Coolant CHS198 25-CHS-198
RS Turbo Series 1 (2) Coolant CHS89 25-CHS89
RS Turbo Series 1 (4) Turbo THS07 25-THS07
RS Turbo Series 1 (9) Ancillary CHS102
RS Turbo Series 1 With Dump Vlv Conn (4) Turbo THS07/D 25-THS01/D
RS Turbo Series 2 (4) Coolant CHS90 25-CHS90
RS Turbo Series 2 (7) Ancillary CHS98
RS Turbo Series 2 (4) (4) Turbo THS08 25-THS08
RS Turbo Series 2 With Dump Vlv Conn (4) Turbo THS08/D 25-THS08/D
RS500 (3) Turbo THS123 25-THS123
Sierra Cosworth 2WD (3) Turbo THS18 25-THS18
Sierra Cosworth 2WD (2) Coolant CHS27 25-CHS27
Sierra Cosworth 2WD Ancillary (7) Ancillary CHS47
Sierra Cosworth 2WD With Dump Vlv Conn (3) Turbo THS19 25-THS19
Sierra Cosworth 4WD (2) Coolant CHS28 25-CHS28
Sierra Cosworth 4WD (3) Turbo THS20 25-THS20
Sierra Cosworth 4WD (8) Ancillary CHS91
Sierra Cosworth 4WD With Dump Vlv Conn (3) Turbo THS21 25-THS21
XR6 T (3) Coolant CHS114

NOTE: The number in brackets is the quantity of hoses supplied

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