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Silicone Hose Car Kits - Nissan

New high performance hose kits are constantly under development. Please contact us if you have a requirement that is not currently listed.

Colour options: Blue - Red - Purple - Yellow - Green - Black - Orange

SFS Performance currenty offer the following silicone hose kits for Nissan's

Nissan Application Part No. Clip Kits Images
300ZX Z32 VG30DE PCV hoses (3) Breather BH21
300ZX Z32 VG30DETT (4) Turbo THS60 25-THS60
300ZX Z32 VG30DETT brake/clutch servo (4) Ancillary CHS217 25-CHS217
300ZX Z32 VG30DETT / VG30DE (2) Coolant CHS57 25-CHS57
300ZX Z32 VG30DETT / VG30DE heater/front pipes (4) Ancillary CHS218 25-CHS218
300ZX Z32 VG30DETT / VG30DE Idle air (4) Breather BH16
300ZX Z32 VG30DETT PCV hoses (5) Breather BH17
350Z / Z33 (2) Coolant CHS118 25-CHS118
Almera 2.0 GTi SR20DE 1996-99 (2) - NEW! Coolant CHS115A 25-CHS115A
Fairlady Z33-HR (2) Coolant CHS243 25-CHS243
Fairlady Z34 (2) Coolant CHS244 25-CHS244
GTR R35 VR38 Twin turbo (12) Turbo THS230
GTR R35 VR38 Twin turbo (7) Coolant CHS254
Silvia 200SX S14 (2) - NEW! Turbo THS275
Silvia 200SX S14 / S14A (2) - NEW! Coolant CHS24 25-CHS24
Silvia 200SX S14 / S14A (5) - NEW! Heater Hose HH15 25-HH15
Silvia S13 180 SX 1.8 (1) Induction AH20
Silvia S13 180SX (2) Turbo THS145 25-THS145
Silvia S13 180SX 1.8 CA (18) Coolant CHS154
Silvia S13 180SX 1.8 CA (2) Coolant CHS153 25-CHS153
Silvia S13 2.0 (2) Coolant CHS74 25-CHS74
Silvia S15 (2) Coolant CHS75 25-CHS75
Skyline ER34 Lower Rad Hose (1) Coolant CHS87 25-CHS87
Skyline GTR Air Intake Kit 70mm (2) Air Intake AH44
Skyline GTR Air Intake Kit 80mm (2) Air Intake AH44/B
Skyline GTR R32 (2) Coolant CHS25 25-CHS25
Skyline GTR R32 (4) Intercooler THS56 25-THS56
Skyline GTR R32 - R33 (1) Air Intake AH01
Skyline GTR R32 (5) Heater Hose HH05
Skyline GTR R32/33/34 RB26 (1) Cam Breather HH01
Skyline GTR R32-33 (3) Breather BH03
Skyline GTR R33 (2) Coolant CHS26 25-CHS26
Skyline GTR R33/R34 (4) Intercooler THS62 25-THS62
Skyline GTR R33-R34 (4) Heater Hose HH04
Skyline GTR R34 (2) Coolant CHS64 25-CHS65
Skyline GTS R32 (2) Coolant CHS58 25-CHS58
Skyline GTS R33 (2) Coolant CHS142 25-CHS142
Skyline GTS R33 Breather Hose Kit (6) Breather BH06 25-BH06
Skyline GTST Intake Hose (1) Air Intake AH45
Skyline GTST R32 (6) Breather BH13
Skyline GTT ER34 (2) Coolant CHS145 25-CHS145
Skyline R34 Breather Hoses (7) Breather BH12
Sunny GTiR RNN14 (2) Turbo THS116 25-THS116
Sunny GTiR RNN14 (2) Coolant CHS115 25-CHS115

NOTE: The number in brackets is the quantity of hoses supplied

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