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Silicone Hose Car Kits - Volkswagen

New high performance hose kits are constantly under development. Please contact us if you have a requirement that is not currently listed.

Colour options: Blue - Red - Purple - Yellow - Green - Black - Orange

SFS Performance currenty offer the following silicone hose kits for Volkswagen's

Volkswagen Application Part No. Clip Kits Images
Corrado G60 (2) Coolant CHS127 25-CHS127
Corrado G60 (3) Breather BH04
Corrado G60 LHD (2) Turbo THS126 25-THS126
Golf 1.8T 150/180bhp AUM/AUQ/ARX/ARY/BVR/BVP (2) Breather BH10 25-BH10
Golf 1.8T 20V 70mm AVC/APH/AJQ/AGU/ATC/ARZ (1) - NEW! Induction AH36/A 25-AH36
Golf 1.8T 20V 70mm AWW/AWD/AWP/AUM/APP/AWU/ AUQ/ARX/ARY (1) - NEW! Induction AH15/A 25-AH15
Golf 1.8T 20V AVC/APH/AJQ/AGU/ATC/ARZ (1) Induction AH36 25-AH36
Golf 1.8T 20V AWW/AWD/AWP/AUM/APP/AWU/ AUQ/ARX/ARY (1) Induction AH15 25-AH15
Golf 1.8T AWP/APH/AWV/AWW/AND/AWD 3 Part Cam Breather incl plastic section (1) Breather BH15
Golf Complete coldside dump vlv kit with t/body hose (1) Turbo CSK143/D
Golf GTI Mk 2 1800 16V (3) Breather AH02
Golf GTI Mk 2 1800 16V (8) Coolant CHS41 25-CHS41
Golf GTI Mk 2 1800 8V (11) Coolant CHS299
Golf GTI Mk 2 1800 8V (4) Breather BH22
Golf MK3 / Corrado VR6 (1) Induction AH53
Golf Mk4 1.8T AWW AWD AGU ARZ AUM 180 BHP engines (5) Turbo THS143 25-THS143
Golf Mk4 1.8T AWW AWD AGU ARZ AUM 180 BHP Engines cold side DV Conn. (5) Turbo THS143/D 25-THS143/D
Golf MK5 PD140 2.0Tdi with alloy ends/clips. Performance increase (4) Turbo THS291 Included
Golf MKIV 1.8T not anniversary model AGU (9) Coolant CHS176 25-CHS176
Golf MkIV 1.9Tdi 100/115PD / AGR/ALH-90 / AHF/ASF-110 +fitting/clamps/pancake pipe (2) Turbo-Intercooler THS213/C Included
Golf MkIV PD130 +alloy fittings/s/clamps/pancake pipe (2) Turbo-Intercooler THS213/B Included
Golf MKIV PD130 (1) Turbo THS169 Included
Golf MKIV PD130 (8) Coolant CHS219 25-CHS219
Golf MKIV PD150 (8) Coolant CHS212 25-CHS212
Golf MKIV PD150 turbo inlet hose+airbox hose (1) Air AH33
Golf MkIV PD150 ARL + alloy fittings/s/clamps (2) Turbo-Intercooler THS213 Included
Golf MkIV PD150 ARL Turbo to Intercooler including pancake pipe (2) Turbo-Intercooler THS213/A Included
Golf MKIV PD150 fits OEM turbo inlet hose only (1) Airbox AH30
Golf MkIV PD150 With alloy fittings/tubes/clamps 12mm MAP (5) Turbo THS204/B Included
Golf MkIV PD150 With alloy fittings/tubes/clamps 19mm MAP (5) Turbo THS204/A Included
Golf MKIV R32 with DSG RHD (9) Coolant CHS185/A
Golf MKIV R32 without DSG RHD (9) Coolant CHS185/B
Golf MKV 2.0FSI Turbo (2) Turbo THS170 Included
Golf MKV 2.0FSI Turbo (8) Coolant CHS159 25-CHS159
Golf VR6 Mk 3 (7) Coolant CHS221
Jetta 1.8T 20V AWW/AWD/AWP/AUM/APP/AWU/ AUQ (1) Induction AH15
Polo 1.4 Mk4 16v (4) Coolant CHS275
Polo 1.8T 2005-09 (1) Induction AH35

NOTE: The number in brackets is the quantity of hoses supplied

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