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Silicone Hose Car Kits - Renault

New high performance hose kits are constantly under development. Please contact us if you have a requirement that is not currently listed.

Colour options: Blue - Red - Purple - Yellow - Green - Black - Orange

SFS Performance currenty offer the following silicone hose kits for Renault's

Renault Application Part No. Clip Kits Images
Clio 1.2 turbo (1) Induction AH27
Clio 172/182 Phase 1/2 (1) Induction AH39
Clio 172/182 Phase 1/2 (6) Coolant CHS188
Clio 197 2.0 (3) Induction AH38
Clio 197 2.0 (8) Coolant CHS208
Megane 225/230 R26 (1) Induction AH31
Megane 225/230 R26 (17) Coolant CHS296
Megane 250 2.0 RS (1) Induction AH46
R5 GT Turbo (2) Heater Hoses HH02
R5 GT Turbo - no outlets (2) Turbo THS13/A
R5 GT Turbo Coolant + Perc Fan (9) Coolant CHS36
R5 GT Turbo dump valve & perc fan only (2) Turbo THS13/C
R5 GT Turbo dump valve conn. Only (2) Turbo THS13/B
R5 GT Turbo Induction (1) Air AH08 25-AH01
R5 GT Turbo Oil Breather Kit (4) Oil BH01 25-BH01
R5 GT Turbo Oil Drain Hose (1) Oil BH02 25-BH02
R5 GT Turbo overboost + dump valve conn. (2) Turbo THS13/E
R5 GT Turbo overboost + dump vlv. + perc fan (2) Turbo THS13/F
R5 GT Turbo overboost+ perc fan conn. (2) Turbo THS13
R5 GT Turbo perc fan conn only (2) Turbo THS13/D
R5 GT Turbo top rad. hoses with bleed valves (2) Coolant CHS12 25-CHS12
Renault 21 Coolant Kit (13) Coolant CHS124
Renault 21 Coolant Kit left hand drive (13) Coolant CHS124/B
Twingo GT 1.2 turbo (1) Induction AH32
Twingo GT 1.2 turbo (7) Coolant CHS215 25-CHS215
Twingo RS 1.6 16v Air Box To Engine (1) Induction AH40.2
Twingo RS 1.6 16v Air Intake To Filter (1) Induction AH40.1
Twingo RS 1.6 16v Coolant Kit (5) Coolant CHS261

NOTE: The number in brackets is the quantity of hoses supplied

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