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Silicone Hose Car Kits - Toyota

New high performance hose kits are constantly under development. Please contact us if you have a requirement that is not currently listed.

Colour options: Blue - Red - Purple - Yellow - Green - Black - Orange

SFS Performance currenty offer the following silicone hose kits for Toyota's

Toyota Application Part No. Clip Kits Images
Altezza SXE10 3S-GE (2) Coolant CHS150 25-CHS150
Aristo JZS161 2JZ-GTE (2) Coolant CHS151 25-CHS151
Celica GT4 ST205 (2) Coolant CHS84 25-CHS84
Celica ST182/ST183 (2) Coolant CHS256 25-CHS256
Chaser JZX100 (2) Coolant CHS72 25-CHS72
Corolla AE100 (2) Coolant CHS63 25-CHS63
Corolla AE86 (2) Coolant CHS99 25-CHS99
Corolla Axio NZE141 (2) (2) Coolant CHS242 25-CHS242
Crown Athlete GFS184 (2) Coolant CHS241 25-CHS241
GT86 2012~ (4) - NEW! Coolant CHS301 25-CHS301
GT86 2012~ with resonator spouts (1) - NEW! Induction AH55 25-AH55
GT86 2012~ without resonator spouts (1) - NEW! Induction AH55/B 25-AH55/B
Lexus IS200 (6) Coolant/P.Steer CHS93
Mark x GRX121 (2) Coolant CHS240 25-CHS240
MR2 Mk 1 (7) Coolant CHS274
MR2 SW20 3S-GTE (1) Induction AH23
MR2 SW20 3S-GTE (2) Coolant CHS152 25-CHS152
MR2 SW20 Rev 1+2( 89-93) (4) Turbo THS144 25-THS144
MR2 SW20 Rev 3 ( 94+) (4) Turbo THS144/B 25-THS144/B
Starlet EP82 1.3 (2) Coolant CHS86 25-CHS86
Starlet KP61 (15) Coolant CHS232
Supra JAZ80 (2) Coolant CHS65 25-CHS65
Supra JZA80 (2) Coolant CHS73 25-CHS73
Yaris T Sport 1.5 1NZ-FE, 1.3 SR, 1.3 Verso 2NZ-FE (3) Coolant CHS290 25-CHS290

NOTE: The number in brackets is the quantity of hoses supplied

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